Open Government Report 2014

To institutionalize a culture of transparent and open government, accountability, and to
expand opportunities for resident participation and collaboration, this Report describes
how the Office of Motion Picture and Television Development has and will continue to
develop and enhance transparency, public participation, and collaboration. In accordance
with Mayor’s Order 2014-170, this report addresses the following topics:

The Office of Motion Picture and Television Development (MPTD) is committed to
sharing all agency public information documents including press releases, a listing of
current film events, a listing of career and casting opportunities, updated fact sheets
regarding productions that have filmed in the District over the last several years, and
relevant production information for current multimedia projects that have approved
permits to film in the District on the MPTD web site. MPTD also shares or provides
links to information regarding MPTD’s staff, performance plans, budget, and permit
policies on the Open Government page of its web site.
MPTD meets obligations pursuant to the District’s Freedom of Information Act
(FOIA) and Open Meetings Act by clearly stating on our web site how to file a FOIA
request, the contact information for the FOIA Officer, and providing a link to the
FOIA Reading Room. MPTD also has a policy of responding to FOIA requests within
the designated response time of 15 business days, unless it is determined that the
request qualifies for an extension of 10 business days.
The Office of Motion Picture and Television Development is working closely with
the Office of the City Administrator (OCA) and the Office of the Chief Technology
Officer (OCTO) to identify a significant number of datasets that OCA and OCTO
expect to publish online later this year. If no dataset from the Office of Motion
Picture is selected to be included in this 2014 release, we will continue to work with
OCA and OCTO to identify datasets appropriate to publish in 2015. In the future,
requirements for open data reporting will be provided by the Chief Data Officer.


Public Engagement and Participation
MPTD values the feedback and welcomes the engagement and input of its
stakeholders. As a result, MPTD regularly hosts and participates in meetings with
each stakeholder group including filmmakers, location and production managers, and
individuals seeking to break into the industry of film and television. MPTD identifies

these stakeholders through referrals, networking, and its own research of film and
media professionals in the District.
MPTD is also committed to keeping the community informed of the work that we do
through press release postings on our web site as well as through social media
platforms and our quarterly newsletter. We invite our followers on Twitter and
Facebook to offer feedback on the initiatives we launch and tell us how we can better
serve our stakeholders. Additionally, whenever a multimedia production has received
a permit to film, we alert the necessary businesses, ANC commissioners, and
Councilmember offices via email and a letter to ensure that they and their constituents
are made aware of any disruption that may be caused due to filming.

Many of MPTD’s large scale projects require the cooperation of other District
government agencies including the Department of Transportation (DDOT) and the
Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) as well as federal agencies such as the
National Park Service (NPS) and the U.S. Capitol Police. Therefore, it has been
extremely important for MPTD to develop relationships with representatives of these
agencies to better service our stakeholders. Over the last year, MPTD has sought to
build better relationships and engage agency partners through regular meetings and
other forms of communication. MPTD also is in the process of working concurrently
with the Office of the Chief Technology Officer (OCTO) and other agency partners to
design and implement a customized internal D.C. government database that will make
the permitting process more efficient and reliable for our customers.
Additionally MPTD, under the new direction of Pierre Bagley, is currently working
on creating a networking and partnership strategy that identifies important external
partnerships and charts how MPTD will manage and maintain ongoing relationships
with key external partners moving forward.