Open Government Report 2014
To institutionalize a culture of transparent and open government, accountability, and to expand
opportunities for resident participation and collaboration, this report describes how the
Department of Insurance, Securities and Banking (DISB) has and will continue to develop and
enhance transparency, public participation and collaboration. In accordance with Mayor’s Order
2014-170, this report addresses the following topics:

Describe the steps your agency has taken or plans to take to be more transparent.

As required by Mayor’s Order 2014-170: Transparency, Open Government and Open Data
Directive, the Department of Insurance, Securities and Banking (DISB), created an Open
Government and Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) section on our website to help enhance
transparency with the public. The page contains frequently requested District-wide information
including employee salaries, budget, performance plans, fiscal year spending from 2004 through
2014, the District Personnel Manual and other District-wide FOIA reports. There the public can
also find the department’s organizational chart, administrative orders, statements and
interpretations of policy, minutes of public meetings, databases for licensed insurance companies
and producers, the employee handbook and how to contact the department’s FOIA officer.
The newest feature of the page is a searchable database of insurance companies’ policy form and
rate filings, which was the most frequently-requested FOIA-related topic for DISB in 2014. The
database is a part of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners’ System for
Electronic Rate and Form Filing. The database contains form and rate filings for life, health and
property and casualty plans from 2008 to the present.
Additionally, DISB has improved accessibility to information on its website. DISB’s website,, is the hub of public information for the agency and we work to keep it updated on a
daily basis with information for our residents and regulated entities. In fact, following a redesign
of in late 2012, there has been a 30 percent increase in visitor traffic to the website.
DISB also utilizes traditional and social media to get information to the public (the agency issued
23 press releases in 2014 and was quoted or referenced in 66 news articles.)
DISB uses our Twitter account with 1,208 followers, Facebook account and You Tube channel
to disseminate public information and to share consumer financial and insurance information
with the D.C. community. (See DISB News and Publications.) DISB also posts announcements
in the DC Register, when applicable.
DISB made available information on its receivership and liquidation processes, specifically in
the cases of DC Chartered Health Plan, Inc. Rehabilitation, and the liquidations of Ocean Risk
Retention Group and Regional Health Insurance Co. The public has been able to follow along

with the status of those cases on our website. In addition, DISB has maintained dedicated
webpages for other important agency work such as the surplus review of Group Hospitalization
and Medical Services, Inc. (GHMSI), a subsidiary of CareFirst, Inc. and the rate review for
health insurance plans on DC Health Link, the city’s health insurance marketplace created by the
federal health care law, the Affordable Care Act. The above referenced links can be found

DC Chartered Health Plan, Inc. Rehabilitation
Ocean Risk Retention Group Liquidation
 Regional Health Insurance Co. Liquidation
 Review of CareFirst’s 2011 Surplus
 January 2015 Approved Rates for Health Plans on DC Health Link
DISB also made available other public documents such as testimonies before the D.C. Council,
bulletins, publications and announcements on DISB also maintained an automated
subscription service on its website where the public can sign up for updates from our department
at this link.
For 2015, DISB will continue to identify new information that should be posted for public
review as well as continue working with the Office of the City Administrator and the Office of
the Chief Technology Officer in the overall effort of making the Government of the District of
Columbia more transparent.

Public Engagement and Participation
Describe the steps your agency has taken or plans to take to enhance or expand
opportunities for the public to participate in agency decision-making. Please include
a description of:

In 2014, to keep the public apprised of legislative actions that affected our department, we added
a section on legislation and regulations to There, the public can review enacted and
pending legislation and final and proposed rulemakings. The public can submit comments on
proposed actions by contacting the designated contact person or following the instructions
provided in the DC Register. The legislation and regulations page is available here. The most
recent proposed rulemaking was on the Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on the District of
Columbia-Only Securities Offerings Exemption, where the public could submit comments on
crowdfunding in the District through Sept. 6, 2014.
DISB enhanced our health insurance rate review process by adding the iRATE database that
allows the public to see health insurance premium rates currently under review by the department
as well as recent rate changes that were either approved or disapproved by DISB. The iRATE
database is a more streamlined, consumer-friendly way to review proposed and current health
insurance premium rates than our previous mechanism for posting health rates.
We also distributed information on the proposed and approved January 2015 health insurance
plan rates on DC Health Link. The information was shared with the public through our website,

press releases, through traditional media and on our social media tools like Twitter (@DCDISB.)
The public can comment on proposed health insurance rates by emailing
To address the frequent inquiries about careers at DISB, we created a webpage on “Careers at
DISB.” There, the public can find information about employment opportunities at DISB and
links to the D.C. Department of Human Resources’ eRecruit system, an online tool for those
seeking District Government jobs. We also include information about the internship and summer
jobs opportunities at DISB.
In response to public inquiries on insurance and financial services topics, DISB published its first
“DISB Consumer Financial Resources Guide” in September 2014. It is a one stop resource for
residents on financial services and insurance resources in the District. The guide covers
consumer topics ranging from auto, health, home and life insurance, banking, personal finance,
housing, foreclosure prevention, small business resources and more. The guide is available here.
To make certain that the public is aware of our numerous efforts at the department, we also
utilize a number of in-person and electronic means to get the word out. These include
presentations at community and professional meetings, public hearings, issuance of press
releases and emails through our distribution lists, posting announcements on social media tools
like Twitter and community and neighborhood Listservs. As mentioned earlier, we also maintain
dedicated webpages on our website like the Review of CareFirst 2011’s Surplus and the issuance
of consumer guides. The public can connect with us by mail – 810 First Street, NE, Suite 701,
Washington, DC, 20002; by telephone at (202) 727-8000; through the Ask the Commissioner
link or by email at; through our website; and our Twitter and Facebook
accounts. The public can also submit comments to the department through the Track-DC Portal.
In 2015, DISB will continue to share information with the public using the above-mentioned
methods. We are also exploring the possibility of expanding our digital technology capability to
include a mobile version of that will make viewing of information easier on mobile
phones and tablets. We are also exploring the creation of 30-second video segments to cover
public programs and topics in collaboration with the Office of Cable Television.

Describe the steps your agency has taken or plans to take to enhance or expand
cooperation among departments, other governmental agencies, the public, and nonprofit and private entities in fulfilling its obligations.

As the District’s financial regulator and consumer advocate, we collaborate daily with local and
federal government agencies, community and neighborhood groups, nonprofits, trade
associations, private entities and others to meet our obligations in working with the public.
Examples include the ongoing working relationship with D.C. Health Benefit Exchange
Authority and the insurance industry on health plan rates for DC Health Link. During the


implementation of DC Health Link, DISB was one of the District Government agencies charged
with Affordable Care Act implementation responsibilities.
DISB also participates in a number of other groups including the Washington, D.C. Economic
Development Partnership Council, DC Silver Jackets (District of Columbia Flood Risk
Management Team), DC Elder Abuse Prevention Committee, DC Motor Vehicle Theft
Prevention Commission, National Health Care Anti-Fraud Association and the Investor
Protection Trust, among others.
DISB also works closely with local, state and federal law enforcement as well as the District’s
U.S. Attorney’s Office to fight financial fraud, scams and illegal activity in the District. We also
partner closely with several national and local nonprofits and trade associations on financial
education efforts in the District.
We will continue to work with these organizations and others to make the department’s efforts as
transparent as possible.